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Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics is better known as Root Canal Treatment.

A root canal problem occurs when soft tissue inside a tooth that contains nerve and blood vessels, gets infected. This area is called the dental pulp, or just the nerve, for most people. Trauma to the tooth, cracks and chips, and deep decay are some of the causes of pulp infection.

If the infection goes undetected, it could spread through the root canal system and cause an abscess. At this point, the tissues around the tooth would swell, causing minor to severe pain. In a situation such as this, you would need a careful diagnosis to determine the state of the problem.

A root canal treatment involves the removal of all the infected tissues. The Dentist then cleans, shapes and seals it to keep them from recontamination. During the entire process, the Dentist would administer local anaesthesia to provide pain-free treatment.

With a timely treatment, you can still save the problematic tooth. After a short healing period and successful treatment, the patients will be able to use their teeth like before. However, if the infection has spread, the tooth may have to be removed. Not all root canal treatments are successful.

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