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If you’re looking for dental work in Bali to restore your lovely smile, you have come to the right place. We have been doing this for years and the happy smiles on all our patients show that we do an outstanding job.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments at ARC Dental will utilize porcelain materials to improve the beauty of your smile.

Book a free porcelain restoration consultation with our Western-trained dentists today!

What are Porcelain Materials?

Porcelain materials are proven to be some of the most versatile substances for dental work. Besides that, it can also match the natural look of your teeth, giving you a more realistic smile.

As one of the best Bali dental clinics, we use only the latest aesthetic ceramic materials from Europe, which are applied using advanced hands-on techniques. We also utilise the latest CadCam technology to create beautiful restorations that blend in naturally with your own smile. These advanced porcelain materials are very similar to natural tooth enamel, are wear resistant, and restore teeth to their original appearance. Each porcelain restoration is handcrafted and custom fitted to your tooth and your bite at our in-house state-of-the-art dental laboratory. Our porcelain restorations not only bond to the tooth structure, strengthening the teeth and making them more resistant to fractures, but also cosmetically blend into the existing tooth enamel.

View our price list to see how affordable porcelain restoration work can be for you.

Our Porcelain Material Treatments

Dental porcelain is a material that is remarkable in its ability to replicate both the form and function of original teeth. Whether you’re looking at dental crowns, fixed bridge, inlays/overlays or veneers in Bali, the use of porcelain can provide the longevity, durability, and aesthetic you desire.

Veneers of Excellence

ARC Dental offers porcelain laminate for our Bali teeth veneers treatment, which is composed of thin ceramic layers that essentially replace tooth enamel. Similar to a contact lens for the eye, porcelain veneers in Bali adhere to the outer surface of a tooth. Natural tooth structure must first be reduced by a minimal amount, approximately 1 mm or less of tooth enamel. This will allow room for the veneer to work its magic and restore natural tooth form, enhancing the brilliance and exceptional beauty.

Doing porcelain veneers in Bali is an excellent solution for many aesthetic imperfections such as poor colour, shape or contours, fractured teeth, tooth position, as well as some minor bite related problems. They are also an excellent option for managing superficial stains in teeth not responsive to bleaching. Porcelain veneers offer the most natural, tooth-like aesthetics – the ultimate goals of a cosmetic treatment. Not only are they more durable than composites, but they are also highly stain-resistant.

Crowns to ‘Cap it Off’

A crown replaces the entire external form of a tooth, down to the gum level. Whatever inner core of tooth remains, “crowning” a tooth re-establishes its natural form, as well as its function (how it contacts other teeth). Whether from the ravages of tooth decay or from trauma, replacing tooth structure is part of a crown design. Crowning teeth can also create dramatic improvements for patients whose teeth have been worn by bruxism (grinding habits) or by enamel erosion.

Like Bali teeth veneers, crowns are also excellent for changing tooth colour and shape; in some cases, they can facilitate this change more easily. Porcelain crowns are generally necessary when more tooth structure has been lost and therefore more material is needed to replace it. Conversely, if more tooth structure needs to be lightened (because of deeper staining) and/or strengthened, a crown will serve as the restoration of choice. Porcelain crowns are a cut above metal ceramic and resin crowns. They are stronger and made from more translucent materials to provide a better fit and match with your existing teeth and they will never discolour.

Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Another cosmetic dentistry treatment that we offer is the porcelain fixed bridge. A porcelain fixed bridge replaces missing teeth by using the surrounding teeth as a foundation. This creates a literal “bridge” between the remaining teeth and the missing teeth. Dental porcelain is a great product because it can be shaped to replicate original teeth and fit comfortably within the established bite pattern. Porcelain is also very durable, will withstand most natural tooth functions, and can vividly mimic tooth enamel with its glass-like whiteness and translucence (which allows light to penetrate and scatter as it does with natural organic teeth).

Inlays / Overlays

Our dentists in Kuta will recommend Inlays / Onlays to conservatively repair teeth that have large defective fillings or have been damaged by decay. An Inlay is an indirect restoration fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place. An Onlay is essentially identical to an inlay with the exception that it extends to replace one or more of the chewing cusps that have also been affected. These restorations are generally more conservative because less tooth structure is removed during the preparation preserving more of your natural occlusion (bite). In some cases where a tooth is severely damaged, a crown may be necessary to protect and strengthen the tooth structure. A crown completely covers all surfaces of the tooth above the gum line. Inlays / Onlays are not recommended for people with bruxism (teeth grinders).

Affordable Bali Dental Clinic for Porcelain Material Treatments

Some people may think that doing cosmetic dentistry can break the bank, however, ARC Dental is able to offer many dental procedures, such as dental crowns, fixed bridge, inlays/overlays and porcelain veneers in Bali at much more affordable prices than dental clinics in mainland Australia.

What is The Cost of Veneers in Bali?

To give you an idea of how affordable our dental treatment can be, we will give you the example of our affordable veneers treatment.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost of veneers in Bali. If you want to get a porcelain restoration for your E-Max Ivoclar Crowns/Inlays/Overlays/Veneers, then prices are typically 30% cheaper compared to Australia and other western countries.

ARC has some of the best dentists in Bali and can offer fantastic value for the high level of quality. It’s our mission to make dental treatment better value-for-money while also offering an exceptional standard of service.

Get Incredible Porcelain Restoration from ARC Dental Today

There are so many reasons to choose ARC Dental for your dental porcelain restoration. We pride ourselves as offering a quality service with all the affordability that Bali offers.

Our clinic is a state-of-the-art facility. Nothing is left to chance. You will surely get an exceptional experience. Furthermore, as a patient, you’ll be treated to excellent service in our Bali dental clinic. You’ll have an opportunity to relax and watch entertainment in our spacious and comfortable waiting rooms while enjoying free refreshments before and after your treatment. If you wish to improve your smile, speak with us today about how dental porcelain restoration could help you.

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